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opioids and depression

are opioids depressants

The Classification of Opioids as Depressants Opioids have long been recognized as powerful pain relievers, but their classification as depressants may come as a surprise to some. Depressants are substances that slow down the central nervous system, leading to a decrease in brain activity and a sense of relaxation. While opioids are commonly associated with […]

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urgent care and prescriptions

can urgent care prescribe opioids

Can Urgent Care Prescribe Opioids? Can Urgent Care Prescribe Opioids? When it comes to seeking medical care for acute conditions, urgent care centers have become a popular choice for many individuals. These facilities offer convenient access to healthcare professionals without the need for an appointment. However, there is often confusion surrounding the types of medications […]

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WHAT ARE OPIOIDS                 Opioids are substances which act in the human body as pain reliever. They are drugs prescribe by the doctor for patience suffering severe pain or recovering from surgery. These are drugs which should be consume or purchase only on prescription as they are addictive. Another name for opioids are “Narcotics” and […]

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